Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas4

Hallo guys kali ini akan membahas materi tentang Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas4 SD/MI – soal Pilihan Ganda/Essay dan dilengkapi juga dengan kunci jawaban, Semerter 1 sampai dengan 2.

Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas4  merupakan mata pelajaran yang sangat paporit, Dan pendidikan ini banyak sekali orang tua yang mendidik anak nya supaya dapat memahami bahasa inggris.

Disini kami akan memberikan contoh soal khusunya sekolah kelas4 sekolah dasasr ( SD) pelajaran bahasa inggris.

Baiklah Guys langsung saja simak ulasannya dibawah ini yaaa…?

Contoh Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas4 Semester 1 & 2 Lengkap Pilihan Ganda Dan Essay

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas4

Soal Pilihan Ganda:

1. Goat dining chairs ….
A bone
b. fish
c. Rice
d. grass
Answer: d
2 … hot.
A tomato
b. chili
c. Onion
d. Garlic
Answer: d

3. Sugar is ….
A. Sweet
b. the heat
c. acid
d. salty
Answer: a

4. …. is the first month.
A. February
b. March
c. January
d. April
Answer: c

5. …. is the last month.
A. September
b. December
c. November
d. October
Answer: b
6. Orange is …
b. acid
c. bitter
d. salty
Answer: b

7. Eat rabbits ….
A. Carrots
b. fish
c. bone
d. bird
Answer: a

8. It is an animal. He has a big body
Long and gray nose. This is …
A. an elephant
b. lion
c. tiger
d. giraffe
Answer: a

9. Dian: “Is this your book?”
Sari: Yes, …
A. that
b. Not like that
c. Not
d. Is this
Answer: a

10. Indra kicks the ball with …
A. eyes
b. the feet
c. nose
d. finger
Answer: b

11. Planting farmers …
A. a glass
b. Plate
c. bowl
d. tree
Answer: d

12. I like … (apple)
A. an apple
b. Durian
c. mango
d. banana
Answer: a

13. … is my favorite fruit. (Watermelon)
A banana
b. An Apple
c. Watermelon
d. duku
Answer: c

14. I have a pet. This is …
A. an elephant
b. lion
c. giraffe
d. cat
Answer: d

15. Sprott: do you like meatballs?
Santi: “Yes, …”.
A. Not me
b. Not
c. I do
d. You did it
Answer: c

16. Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow will be …
A. Thursday
b. Wednesday
c. Friday
d. Saturday
Answer: b

17. Before Saturday is ….
A. Friday
b. Sunday
c. Monday
d. Tuesday
Answer: a

18. Today is Sunday. Yesterday …
A. Saturday
b. Friday
c. Thursday
d. Wednesday
Answer: a

19. There are … working days.
A. five
b. six
c. seven
d. eight
Answer: c

20. There are … months of the year.
A. nine
b. ten
c. eleven
d. twelve
Answer: d

21. Before August was ….
A. April
b. can be
c. June
d. July
Answer: d

22. After March is …
A. January
b. April
c. September
d. October
Answer: b

23. Can fly.
A. lion
b. bird
c. fish
d. horse
Answer: b

24. Fish can ….
A. swimming
b. to fly
c. replace
d. Run
Answer: a

25. This is an animal. Long neck.
This is …
A. an elephant
b. lion
c. giraffe
d. tiger
Answer: c

26. A dog eats ….
A fish
b. grass
c. Rice
d. bone
Answer: d

27. Yuli is your daughter. Dicky is your son.
They are they ….
A mother
b. father
c. grandmother
d. children
Answer: d

28. My mother teaches class.
She is ….
A. the teacher
b. Nurse
c. doctor
d. pilot
Answer: a

29. Rina is now learning English.
She is ….
A. Students
b. gardener
c. Carpenter
d. sailor
Answer: a

30. I like to play …. (bicycle)
A. Toy car
b. Toy boat
c. a bicycle
d. a doll
Answer: c

31. I … order now.
A. eat
b. Shout out
c. drink something
d. Read
Answer: d

32. My mother … in the kitchen.
A. the letter
b. Fill
c. for cooking
d. sleep
Answer: c

33. Students study in …
A. Toilet
b. Very nice
c. office
d. canteen
Answer: b

34. I wear a bracelet …
A. hands
b. ear
c. nose
d. neck
Answer: a

35. Father and mother …
A. Sister and mother
b. Grandmother and student
c. Brother and uncle
d. husband and wife
Answer: d

36. I wear my hat ….
A. hands
b. ear
c. head
d. finger
Answer: c

37. Doni is … a kite.
A. to play
b. his writing
c. sing
d. dance
Answer: a
38 … Always playing … (guitar)
A piano
b. drum
c. guitar
d. chess
Answer: c

39. The customer is the manager …
A. An airplane
b. car
c. school
d. Hospital
Answer: c

40. My uncle cuts grass every week.
She is …
A gardener
b. Teacher
c. client
d. pilot
Answer: a

Soal Essay:

  1. Soraya has long hair
  2. We speak verbally
  3. There are lots of books on the table
  4. We usually have dinner at 7 pm
  5. Arif and Fajar play kites

Nah Guys demikianlah ya yang dapat kami ulas pembahasan tentang Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas4.

Semoga pemahaman yang sangat sederhana ini dapat menambah pengetahuan kita semua, sekian dan terima kasih.

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